Pacur DTC


Pacur® PETG DTC copolyester sheet is designed for use in cost effective ESD safe packaging and “one way” shipping applications. The sheet is extruded from an amorphous polyester resin and treated with a proprietary electrostatic dissipative material forming a clear, tough, chlorine/chloride free, ESD safe packaging material. Typical applications include protective packaging clamshells for electronic and telecommunication components and products that are ESD sensitive.


  • 10⁹ – 10¹¹ Ohm Surface Resistivity
  • Humidity Independent
  • Exceptionally Clear
  • Great Chemical Resistance
  • Improved Notch and Puncture Resistance
  • BPA and Chlorine Free
  • Exceptional Toughness
  • Great Impact Resistance
  • Easy Thermoforming, Cutting, Trimming, and Printing


  • Controlled Elimination of Static Charges
  • Works In Low Humidity
  • Near Optical Clarity
  • Low Outgassing
  • No Corrosion
  • No Chloride Contamination
  • Reduced Packaging Costs
  • No Stress Whitening
  • No Pre-Treatment for Printing
  • Fast Cycle Times
  • Minimal Trim Dust
  • Less Breakage

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