Pacur Foamed PETG


Pacur® PETG FOAM is a co-extruded combination of PETG Copolyester resin with a proprietary foamed core made from Eastman’s EastaliteTM System. PETG FOAM offers advantages over traditional materials where low weight and sustainability are larger parts of an application’s fitness for use requirements. PETG FOAM is a reliable, safe alternative to high impact polystyrene (HIPS) in the opaque rigid medical packaging market. PETG FOAM also shows considerable manufacturing improvements over HIPS in terms of processing, waste reduction, and reduced cleaning; all resulting in lower overall processing costs.


  • BPA Free
  • Chemical Resistant
  • ISO 10993 Compliant
  • FDA Approved
  • Great Impact Resistance
  • Notch and Tear Resistance
  • Easy Thermoforming, Cutting and Trimming


  • Significantly Lower Thermoforming Temps
  • Wide Processing Window
  • Reduced Cycle Times
  • Cushion Effect in Packaging
  • Lightweight Package Designs
  • Reduced Angel Hair
  • Excellent Seal Integrity
  • Better Hinge Life
  • No Stress Whitening
  • Easily Sterilized using Gamma, ETO, Electron Beam and Plasma Gas Methods

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